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The Return of the Emperor – Okay

The Return of the EmperorThe Return of the Emperor (Sten, #6) by Allan Cole
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

The Eternal Emperor was dead, and the five members of the Privy Council ruled in his place. But they quickly discovered that their power would collapse around them if they didn’t locate the Emperor’s secret source of Anti-Matter Two, the economic keystone of the Empire. And so they sent a team of crack commandos to capture Sten, one of their late ruler’s few surviving confidantes. But Sten, as usual, had his own agenda. For he knew something about the Eternal Emperor that would shake the Empire to its foundations. And to play his part, all Sten had to do was kill the five most powerful beings in the universe.

After quite a pause I returned to the Sten series. This series is one of those that I read because the are good books and I really do not want to leave a book series unfinished but it is not really my favorite type of books.

The book started off quite good. After the first third I was thinking that it was one of the best ones so far. Sten was doing what he does best, his old buddies where getting back into the action and we where set for some serious ass kicking…or so I thought.

However, as it turned out, the first third was really the best part of the book. After a botched assassination attempt the book ventured into political bla bla land focusing on attempting a trial against the Privy Council. I do not think the book blurb is an entirely accurate description of the book by the way since the “have to kill” part goes away rather quickly. I certainly did not fancy the turn it took after the first third.

The book is well written as usual though and it wasn’t exactly a chore to finish it, just a little disappointing. Especially since I felt that Sten was actually not that much present for a good part of the book.

Still, it was an okay read, nothing more and nothing less.

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