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The Fury of the Phoenix – Okay

Fury of the PhoenixThe Fury of the Phoenix (Exodus, #4) by Robert Stadnik
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Nearly destroyed by the Screen in a deadly encounter, PHOENIX is now stranded in an alien star system as both the remaining crew and alien alliance members attempt to repair her. But the attack not only nearly destroyed the ship, but had a devastating impact on John Roberts. Learning of secrets about his past as well as losing those close to him, can John bring the crew together to finish what they started, or will he sacrifice them in a quest for revenge?

This installment is the last one in the Exodus series and, unfortunately, I found it to be the weakest one. I definitely liked the book. It is a worthwhile read for sure. It did, however, not really meet up to the expectations that the other books have created. I almost get the impression that the author for some reason or another could not put as much effort in this book than the other ones but was obliged to complete it nevertheless.

It starts off with captain John Roberts having a serious breakdown (and I mean serious). I was not to thrilled by that but I could live with it. However, after a breakdown of that magnitude there is no way that a person can be back, not to mention sitting in the captains chair of a starship, in a couple of weeks or even a month.

Naturally the book leads up to a major battle with the Screen. I quite enjoyed that part of course since space ships slugging it out is my favorite kind of Science Fiction. This part was over quite quickly though. The Screen are more or less done and dealt with after a little more than half the book. I felt the entire home coming and defeat of the Screen was somewhat rushed.

The rest of the book mostly consists of aftermath talks, some fairly uninteresting murder story is added, some political stuff about the mutes and then the Io are brought back and used to generate a kind of cliffhanger or hook that could be used to continue the universe with a new book series. Quite frankly I felt that the real story was very short and that the book was kind of padded up to fill a certain number of pages.

As I said, I did like the book and would certainly recommend it as a good read but I did indeed have higher expectations for it.

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