Flags of our Fathers – Not for me

Flags of our FathersFlags of our Fathers by Clint Eastwood on CanalSat (TCM)
My rating: 4 out of 10 stars

The life stories of the six men who raised the flag at The Battle of Iwo Jima, a turning point in WWII.

This is going to be a short review since this is simply a type of film which I have a heavy personal bias against. I probably wouldn’t have watched it at all if it wasn’t for the fact that they gave it on TCM a few nights ago and since Jonathan is keen on war movies Bodil suggested that we watch it.

War is bad, it is dirty and people do all kinds of things in desperation. Anyone with something else than sawdust between his ears are aware of these simple facts. I at least do not need films harping about it. In short, I found this film not only boring but also soiling the memory of the great American victory at Iwo Jima.

The only reason it got any stars at all from me is because the film is well done if you can overlook the story. As I said at the beginning this is a heavily biased personal opinion of mine but then this is my personal blog so…

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