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Furious – Half bad half good

FuriousFurious (Kris Longknife, #10) by Mike Shepherd
My rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Having used unorthodox methods to save a world—and every sentient being on it—Lieutenant Commander Kris Longknife is wanted across the galaxy for crimes against humanity. For her own safety, she’s been assigned to a backwater planet where her Fast Patrol Squadron 127 enforces immigration control and smuggler interdiction.
But Kris is a Longknife, and nothing can stop her from getting back to the center of things—not when all hell is breaking loose. Now she’s on the run, hunted by both military and civilian authorities—and since the civilian authorities happen to be her immediate family, Kris soon finds herself homeless, broke, and on trial for her life on an alien world…

This book was a mixed read for me. I did not like the first half, or perhaps even a bit more, at all. The second half was more to my liking and the last couple of pages much more to my liking. The book is well written as usual but, to me, the first half was a mixture of just being boring and downright making me mad. Not only was it pure political bullshit but Kris, who should be celebrated as a hero, was made an outlaw. What the f…?

In the second half of the book she was put on trial on a Japanese offspring world still run by an emperor. This is still not exactly my cup of tea either but the author managed to make it interesting nonetheless with the cultural “complications” caused by the fact that this old colony, who now had founded their own interstellar empire, had kept many of the really old Japanese traditions. The book blurb is rather misleading on this by the way since it is not really a “alien” world but a quite human one. I know the English word alien can mean just coming from another country but in this context I doubt many people actually read it that way.

In the last few pages things are getting on track again when Kris gets to start outfitting a new and shiny ship. This time one which appears to have some real butt-kicking abilities. It is a shame that this is pretty much at the end of the book.

Actually this book feels very much like a entr’acte to me. Sure, it makes me want to read the next book now when things are on track again so I guess from the authors point of view the book was a success but I would have liked it much more if the political crap had been condensed into the first 10% of the book and the rest of the book had taken off from where Kris got her ship. I guess (hope) that I get to read about that in the next one though.

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