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Tried TeamViewer for remote PC control

Team ViewerYou might have read my little gripe about the plonkers at Microsoft discontinuing Live Mesh and with it the remote PC control feature that used to be included in the Live Essentials suite of software. I was not really too keen on installing some third party product to fill the gap and was considering living without remote PC from my office workstation to my home PC. I can still use the “normal” Windows Remote Desktop for connection from home to my office workstation which is the main need that I have. In the other direction it is a bit more of a pain to use this though since my home PC is behind an ADSL modem.

However, quickly realized that I was really lacking the ability to remote control my home PC. It is so often that you need to fetch something that you have been working on or just checking something. The last drop was when I found out that the could-have-been-nifty little feature of being able to browse your PC’s hard drives remotely using the new SkyDrive app is, like many things coming from Microsoft these days, unfinished and lacking in functionality. You cannot change or upload files remotely and you cannot download more than one file at a time. Seriously Microsoft, what the f… is that?

So I looked around a little and decided to try out TeamViewer. It is a product aimed for professional use however it’s free for private and non-commercial use which of course is a rather persuasive “feature”.

In short, I installed it the other day (it is quite easy to set up) and have been using it for a while. It seems to work quite well. Better, as in faster, than the Live Mesh solution did. It has a Windows 8 app as well (although you can use the normal desktop version of the software of course) which, unlike the half baked Microsoft apps, works quite well. There is even a Android app although this one is not really usable for any serious work. For a quick have-to-check-something-on-my-pc it works quite okay though.

If someone would ask me if I would recommend this software I would most probably answer yes with the experience I have so far.

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