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Rise of the Corinari – Very good

Rise of the CorinariRise of the Corinari (The Frontiers Saga, #5) by Ryk Brown
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

A time to recover…
A chance to make a new ally…
A brief respite to repair and rearm…
An opportunity for a people to regain their honor…
For every civilization there comes a moment when a stand must be made against tyranny.
The time has come for the Alliance to draw a line in the sand.

With this installment this book series is back in shape after the dip it took (in my personal opinion of course) with the previous one. Not that the previous one really was a bad book but I was disappointed that the Aurora was just sitting in orbit while the action centered around dirt based guerilla warfare.

In this one we’re pretty much back to space and starship action. The Aurora gets some much needed repairs and also some improvements from the more advanced tech that’s now available to them although it’s very little and I would really like to have seen some more along that line. She also gets shot up again which is a bit annoying.

At the end of the previous book I was a bit afraid that there was going to be a spy/traitor/saboteur roaming around the Aurora (I really dislike those kinds of events) and for a good chunk of the book it did indeed look like it. The matter resolves itself entirely to my liking though. No I’m not telling you more, read the book if you want to know.

Nathan and the people around him is also evolving (maturing) as the story develops. In particular Nathan is learning what it really means to be a captain, sometimes the hard way. Cameron, recuperating from her wounds, is not so present in this book and I do lack her a bit.

I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series (The Head of the Dragon) and I do still hope that the Aurora gets some more high tech upgrades and starts her voyage home. Preferably with a fleet of high tech buddies ready to kick some bad guy ass back home.

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