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Soldier – Surprisingly good

SoldierSoldier by Paul W.S. Anderson on CanalSat (Cine+ Frisson)
My rating: 7 out 10 stars

After being defeated and left for dead by his genetically engineered replacements, Sergeant Todd must save a peaceful community from destruction by the same soldiers.

Yesterday, my wife was browsing through the channels just before she was going to put our daughter to bed and she left Cine+ Frisson on when she left. We didn’t really have any plans as to what to watch in the evening so me and the boys just left that channel on.

As it turned out it was a not a bad move. The evening movie was Soldier with Kurt Russell. Not I movie I had heard about before but I quite liked it.

Sure, it’s a simple movie with a simple story which could have been taken straight from a comic magazine but sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered. Especially when you really do not want to be too serious but just want an hour and half of simple explosive entertainment.

The movie is a bit like Rambo in space. The bad guy is a real asshole of course. Not only to his men but with a total lack of respect for civilian lives as well and he has the intelligence of a slug when it comes to actual military operations. One thing that I liked with this movie is that he bad guy is a bad guy from the first scene to the last and he does get what he deserves in the end. No attempts to complicate things. Unfortunately the not so bad guy, to whom I did take a liking, is first killed by the asshole which I thought was a shame.

There’s a fair amount of action scenes and they are fairly well done. Of course our “obsolete” hero makes mince meat of the über-soldiers at the end. Maybe a bit to simply given how superior they’re supposed to be but then I guess the asshole who created them also gave them his immense stupidity when it came to real operations so…

In short, a quite enjoyable, simple but well done sci-fi/action movie.

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