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EU nonsense have reached Windows 8

Windows 8 LogoToday the bloody EU bureaucratic-lawyer-waste-of-time-and-money-nonsense reached my Windows 8 RTM preview installation. When I booted it I was slapped with the idiotic screen from Windows 7 which asks you if you want to throw out the IE 10 browser that comes with the system and install something else and which is unique for EU countries.

That crap is just so silly. It’s like I would buy a car and was forced to sign a paper on delivery where I attested that I understood that I was allowed to rip out the radio and install another one or change the tires or something.

Anyone who really understand the difference and cares about which browser to use are also capable of selecting and installing it by themselves. Those who are incapable of doing so also do not really care and will probably just be confused by this screen or make a choice based on the latest hype or anti-whatever-propaganda.

I used to be rather positive to EU but it has turned into a huge bureaucratic, tax-greedy and resource wasting organization of incompetent diplomats, politicians, lawyers and pencil pushers who spend their time on this kind of nonsense and who are more concerned about their salaries and benefits than what’s best for Europe.

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