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School of Fire – A enjoyable read

School of FireSchool of Fire (Starfist, #2) by David Sherman, Dan Gragg
My rating: 9 out of 10 stars

Deployed to assist the oligarchs of Wanderjahr in putting down a rebellion that threatens the planet’s political and economic stability, the Marines must fight two wars at the same time . . . one against the resourceful, well-led guerrillas and another with the entrenched police bureaucracy.

In my opinion this book is not really an all out space marine story but rather a cross between a space marine and a criminal investigation story with some planetary politics mixed into it. It manages to balance the three quite well though and, as you see from my rating, I quite liked it.

I never really found the book dull even though it alternates between training the rather useless excuse for planetary forces, detective work and some real marine action. In general it’s a well written book.

Having said that, some of the German names used in the book are indeed a bit silly. I do not know if it’s intentional or not but Arschmann and Arschland wouldn’t have been the first names that came into my mind. Sounds a bit like Mr. Asshole living in Buttland or something.

However, this minor complaint is certainly not enough to detract from the enjoyment of reading this book.

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