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Alarm of War – Promising start

Alarm of WarAlarm of War by Kennedy Hudner
My rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Intrigue. Betrayal. A devastating surprise attack and a frantic fight to survive. Gritty warfare in space as four young officers respond to the alarm of war. Four officer cadets in the Victorian Fleet meet in training camp. Together, they survive the trials and hardships of training to join the Fleet, unaware that that their home is about to be plunged into a maelstrom.

This book is indeed a very promising start of what I assume will be a new book series. Quite a few people have been making references to David Weber when discussing this book and, for sure, there are quite a few similarities with his Harrington universe. There are quite a few similarities with other works as well but then it’s rather difficult to write something in this genre today without there being similarities to other work.

I would say that this is not a bad thing because I do like these kind of stories and this book is as good as the works of Weber & Co. Actually, in some sense I would consider it better than some of David Weber’s books in that it doesn’t dig itself down so much in the endless talk talk talk dialogues that Weber so often does in his later works. This one is mostly good action.

There’s not too much tech-stuff, at least not in the form of explanations but the fleet manoeuvres, weaponry and general physics seems fairly acceptable to me.

As is common in this genre of books it has its share of no-good, useless and unbelievably stupid high level fleet officers screwing things up. That’s one of the thing I find really annoying. Of course, our heroes are there to pick up the pieces…almost. Since this obviously is the first one in a series it, not very surprisingly, ends in an obvious cliff-hanger.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in this series. I just hope that the story actually progresses in the direction of whamming the bad guys and doesn’t bog down in yet another being-on-the-run-forever story.

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