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Hawk Genesis: Peace – Disappointing

Hawk Genesis - PeaceHawk Genesis: Peace (Flight of the Hawk, #2) by Robert Little
My rating: 4 out of 10 stars.

John Chamberlin and his younger brother have survived the civil war and returned home to a new and much larger mission – to snatch peace from the jaws of a looming, far deadlier war. He decides that the key to the future of the fractured federation lies with the hundreds of thousands of desperate, out-of-work veterans.

This book is the 2nd prequel to Hawk Seven and unfortunately I have to say that it was a great disappointment. The first book was excellent and the second one, Hawk Genesis: War (the first prequel), was almost as good. This book however was a completely different beast.

It’s no longer military science fiction for starters. The previous books where about fighting an interstellar war, about military strategy and had some quite colourful main characters in them. All that’s left in this one is the colourful characters. The rest is gone. There’s little actual spaceship action at all in this book. It’s all about politics, reintegration, post war life etc.

After having read the first half of the book I was truly feed up with the talks about the need of reintegrating the military veterans, creating trade, avoid the next war etc. The same harping on different worlds with slightly different levels of hostility towards the winners of the civil war in the previous book.

I struggled through the last half of the book since it was mostly more of the same. The one redeeming factor for this book was the colourful characters and the fact that the dialogue between them was well done and quite entertaining a lot of the time.

Since I liked the previous books so much this one was truly a disappointment. Still, the book is well done, there’s no question about it. Maybe it’s partly my fault and I would have considered the book to be better if it wouldn’t have been part of a series and my mind was set on a certain type of book.

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