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Valkyrie Burning – Keep’m coming!

Valkyrie BurningValkyrie Rising (Hayden War Cycle, #3) by Evan C. Currie
My rating: 10 out of 10 stars

The war that began on Hayden’s World years ago has blossomed into a brawl across the stars, and yet that single and otherwise largely unimportant colony continues to be a central point in the conflagration. Human forces have pushed outward, now taking enemy worlds in response to the attacks on their own, but they don’t have the numbers or the power to hold what they take.
Now the alien Alliance shows a sliver of it’s true power, and the war for domination of the skies over Hayden burns brightly once more. Neither side has any intentions of giving up the game, and both sides have plenty more aces held back against a rainy day.

So far the books in the Hayden War Cycle (or Warrior’s Wings as it seems to be called sometimes) series are keeping a steady 10 out of 10 star rating from me.

The action continues with “the sarge” continuing to kick ass big time. The fleet action also winds up with the alien alliance sending a real flotilla to expulse these bothersome and primitive humans from the Hayden system. I do not think I’m spoiling much of the plot by saying that their plans doesn’t work exactly as they planned.

We also continue to get insights into the alien alliance and how the war has been caused by the alliance race Ros’El who appear to be scientific wizards but truly antisocial bunglers in most other things. It’s still a bit of mystery as to why they seem to be so bent on getting the Hayden system though.

As with the previous books it’s well written with realistic action (for being science fiction of course) both on the ground and in space. I liked the little surprise at the end which really makes me want to read the next one in the series. That one unfortunately isn’t supposed to come out until 2013. It is also said to be the conclusion of the series.

If I should complain about something it’ would be the statement in the book blurb that says “taking enemy worlds in response to the attacks on their own”. That’s a very much exaggerated statement. I wouldn’t call a raid freeing POW’s as “taking enemy worlds”. This is an extremely minor complaint though.

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