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Curdled – Okay but somewhat bizarre

CurdledCurdled by Reb Braddock on Blu-ray
My rating: 5 of 10 stars

Gabriella, a Columbian immigrant, is obsessed with understanding violent crime. The current string of murders by “The Blue Blood Killer” of affluent Miami socialites provides her with fodder for her scrapbook of death. She lands a job with a post-murder cleaning service and during a Blue-Blood clean-up job, discovers evidence that police have overlooked.

We finally got around to watch this movie which was the last one in the box set with Quentin Tarantino related movies that we bought some time ago.

I found this one to be fairly okay. Somewhat bizarre of course but that was to be expected. At times it felt a wee bit boring though. I read that the film was extended from originally being a short film to be a feature length one and I think it shows.

The film certainly had a bit of Tarantino style over it although I do not think he participated very much in the actual creation of it. He and George Clooney did appear in a still shot as the Gecko brothers though. Wonder how many that actually realizes that shot was a reference to From Dusk to Dawn by Tarantino?

In short, an okay movie but nothing to write home about.

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