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On Silver Wings – Excellent read

On Silver WingsOn Silver Wings (Hayden War Cycle, #1) by Evan C. Currie
My rating: 10 out of 10 stars

When the Colony on the planet known as Hayden’s World stops transmitting on their CASIMIR FTL system, a Solari Fleet Task Force is sent to investigate. When they arrive there are enough oddities in the situation that they in turn send in a special operations unit to contact the colonists and determine what happened.
Only one of those operators survives to make planet fall.
Sergeant Sorilla Aida finds herself against an alien force of unknown power and capability. Her only assets? A depleted suit of power armor, her rifle, basic kit, and a few hundred Hayden born civilians looking to take back their home.
Just what she was trained for.

This book is most definitely my cup of tea. It’s absolutely excellent. I have actually put off reading it for a while even though I had it on my to-read shelf for quite a while. Although the book is written by the author of Odyssey One (or Into the Black as it’s now called), which I also liked very much, the blurb for the book lead me to believe that this was a marine grunt, dirt-side focused book which is not my favourite kind of story. However, to my very pleasant surprise, this book is just as much about slugging it out in space as it is on the ground.

I’m not really sure what the series is supposed to be called though. On Amazon it seems to be called Warrior’s Wings but on Goodreads it’s called Hayden War Cycle. I decided to stick with the Goodreads name of the series.

Anyway, mysterious aliens with technology way beyond the humans invade one of the human colonies. The humans respond by trying to insert a team of marines but the insertion goes very very bad and a lone marine is all that manages to land on the planet. Fortunately this marine is of the kick-ass type (surprised anyone?) and she goes off to do just that.

That alone could make for a fairly good book but the author adds just as much space action when the human fleet tries to aid the surviving colonists that are now trapped on the planet.

One thing that I liked with Odyssey One and does like with this book as well is that the author is capable of writing science fiction that keep at least one foot on a solid ground of actual science. The laws of nature are still around. Gravity is still a bitch which you cannot ignore. Fleet movements and ship manoeuvres are controlled by it. Evan Currie not only writes some of the more believable science fiction around, he also knows how to use the limitations of physics to add to the excitement of the action.

This was a most pleasant surprise. Lots of action, some alien mystery, kick-ass people, no political bullshitting. My kind of book indeed. I’ve already bought and started to read the second one in the series (I love the point click, download, start to read speed of acquisition with e-books).

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