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The Voyage of the Star Wolf – Okay

The Voyage of the Star WolfThe Voyage of the Star Wolf (Wolf Star, #1) by David Gerrold
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m not sure whether this book should be considered the first book in the Star Wolf series or the second. Many seem to consider it as the second but the “first” one is also considered to be a prequel. Personally I see this book as the first.

It’s a good book. It is nothing spectacular but good. The story is okay although it would have been nice to get a wee bit more ship to ship action. I definitely like the new captain, the Star Wolf, which they are getting somewhere half way through the book. He’s my kind of captain.

Some of the ideas and the physics in the book are of course a bit funny like, for instance, that the enemy should not know the locations of their permanent installations so they have standing orders to sneak out of their starbases. That’s not very plausible but it’s a minor complaint.

The main complaint, and the reason the book only gets a 3 star rating, is the idiotic bit where the entire crew (and ship!) is blamed for leading the enemy to the convoy in the beginning of the book. That is just so stupid not to mention incompetents of the fleet management. It’s not the crews fault that the captain they had at the time screwed up. The main character should be considered a hero for getting the crew home alive at all. This is just such a nonsensical and idiot part of the plot and, as I said, brought down the rating at least a star.

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