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Alien Assassin

Alien AssassinAlien Assassin (Human Chronicles, #2) by T.R. Harris
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Adam Cain is now an intergalactic assassin, making a living fulfilling contracts mainly on the most unsavory of the alien criminal element. When his main benefactor is himself assassinated, Adam is in for a surprise when he meets up with his main competition…

This novel is slightly longer than the first one but not by much. Adam’s quest for returning to Earth continues from the first book and, not surprisingly, he leaves a trail of dead aliens behind him. As with the previous book this is a light but fun read.

There are some twists in the plot that makes it interesting and Adam’s alien stomping rampages are as fun as ever to read. Some things are a bit silly of course. For example, if you were a human on the run from almost everything, would you charge into bed with the first other human you saw within minutes of meting her, especially one that just tried to kill you?

The book ends having built up quite a few loose ends obviously wanting you to pick up the next one to see how it goes. Personally, I have found these two books fun enough to read that I certainly will read the next one as well.

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