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Pray for The Prey – As good as the rest

Pray for The PreyPray for The Prey (Lens of Time, #3) by Andrew Saxon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Humanity has managed to avoid detection by the Violet Civilization and has only lost nine planets in the Milky Way to their war fleet. Now they were faced with a decision; do they keep a low profile and hide or join the war against the civilization killing Violet Ships. To attack the 300,000 ships going to attack Andromeda with only twelve hundred main battleships was suicidal. But to wait was just as dangerous. Whichever path they chose, everyone needed to take time to pray for the prey

This is another likable book from Andrew Saxon. As with his other works I would classify this one in the “Young Adult” category. There are many similarities with his Annihilation series although the main plot is, of course, different. The author also weaves in a time travel element in this story. Normally I do not like this kind of plot element. It reminds me much too much of poorly written Star Trek episodes. So far it’s worked well in this series though.

As with his other work the characters are quite straightforward, heroes are heroes, the bad guys are either real bad guys or quickly become good guys. There is very little, if any, political nonsense in them. Of course, space battles are in abundance and one reason why I like these books quite a lot.

The science makes no pretence of being “real” science but is written in the same “young adult” style as the rest of the book which makes it work for me despite the fact that I generally do not like nonsense science.

The only gripe I have with this book, and the entire book series, is that it quite quickly goes from humble beginnings to jumping between galaxies and blowing up planets. The technological advances are done at a ridiculous speed and sometimes leave you wishing that some more time had been spent on the story before the humans went off to conquer the universe.

And yes, the habit of naming races and ships by color is also a bit silly of course. A fleet of white ships appeared there and there. The blue ships attacked etc… It’s a bit childish when you read it but then, it appears to be the author’s style. He has always done it in all his books and it’s not really a big deal.

I’m looking forward to see where the next book goes with this story. The end of this one has everything built up for some big time action.

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