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The Fringe Worlds – Fun light read

The Fringe WorldsThe Fringe Worlds by T.R. Harris
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Adam Cain is an alien with an Attitude!  After all, how would you feel if you were abducted by aliens and transported into a strange, new universe away from your home, your family — everything familiar to you? Would it make you happy? Not likely! Now imagine you’re stronger, faster and more coordinated than every alien you encounter. Would you start kicking some ass? Of course you would!

This is a quite okay short novel. There’s a rather interesting twist to the beginning of it which put me in a good mode from the start. The rest of the book is perhaps a bit more “conventional” though. It’s simple, light and fun lone(almost)-human-lost-in-alien-space adventure stuff.

The life for said human is complicated by the fact that he didn’t get lost in his own spaceship in a far future but was abducted from Earth and the year is 2011. So he wakes up in his first ever spaceship looking his first ever alien in the face. Luckily for him evolution made most of the other aliens into wimps and he is a SEAL so…time for some butt kicking.

Yes, the story is somewhat cheesy but, as I said, it’s simple, light and fun read. It’s quite short though which, I guess, goes in hand with the simplicity of the story. I liked it so I probably end up reading the rest of the series.

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