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Monster Hunter Legion – Another 5 star

Monster Hunter LegionMonster Hunter Legion (Monster Hunter international, #4)
  by Larry Correia
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Monsters, lots of monsters, guns, lots of guns and plenty of action. Larry Correia doesn’t disappoint. I really like to read his MHI books. They are a nice change of pace from the sci-fi that I normally read and Larry is simply quite good at writing action packed, gun wielding monster stuff.

This is the fourth book in his MHI series and it is as good as the others. It is one of the few, if any, book series where I have given a 5 star rating four times in a row. There’s a red thread going through all the books in the series but they are still fairly well separated entities and generally do not end in a huge cliffhanger. Having said that this one did leave some loose ends a ’la cliffhanger but, luckily, not too much. It is enough for you to want to read the next one but not enough to make you feel the book was unfinished.

If I should have some criticism it is that I do not care too much for this constant plot element where the government are assholes and constantly are trying to screw MHI. In this one we also get conspiracies between two different government agencies trying to screw around each other. I hope that bit doesn’t get a too prominent role in the next book and, for those that are familiar with the story arc, I hope that Meyers and Frank get to clobber some of the real government jerks. They did get the short end of the stick in this one and I have kind of taken a bit of a liking to Frank.

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