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The Wrath of The Titans – Awful script

The Wrath of The TitansThe Wrath of The Titans on Blu-ray
My rating: 4 of 10 stars

Perseus braves the treacherous underworld to rescue his father, Zeus, captured by his son, Ares, and brother Hades who unleash the ancient Titans upon the world.

The visual effects where very good. Unfortunately, that was about it. The script was just awful. I do not want to watch a movie about Greek mythology just to see the gods being portrayed as week, loosing their power and ultimately disappearing.

I don’t know why so many writers today cannot do anything better than to take a well known setting and then totally destroy it for thrills. It seems like they all have some “Lets-destroy-the-Enterprise” complex.

To me the awful script ruined this movie. It became depressing despite the good visual effects.

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3 comments on “The Wrath of The Titans – Awful script

  1. Well that’s too bad! I was really looking forward to catching the modern take of Wrath of the Titans. Then again, Clash of the Titans wasn’t as great as I thought it was going to be either, so I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised. I am getting quite a few mixed reviews on the movie though, mostly from friends and fellow Dish coworkers. Many of them liked it and some didn’t. I may just put the movie in my Blockbuster @Home queue and have it sent to my house. Thanks for the heads up!


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