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Iron Invader – What a pile of pooh

Iron InvadersIron Invader on CanalSat (SyFy)
My rating: 1 of 10 stars

Alien bacteria arrives on a meteorite and infects metal, animating a giant iron statue that goes on a killing rampage in a small town.

There was nothing we really cared for on TV last night so we said let this one be on since the kids generally like monster stuff. I would say that was a mistake. SyFy Channel is not exactly known for making quality movies, rather the inverse, but this one was not even bad in a funny way.

The iron golem was actually not that bad looking, until he fell to pieces and deteriorated to an assortment of junk that shuddered to life briefly for a good chunk of the move that is. But that’s probably the only thing that was good about this movie.

I wont even go into the long list of blunders such as them pouring pure alcohol (to kill the alien bacteria) onto burning bits and pieces and it actually turns out the fire…what the f…?

Wasted time!

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