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Eye of the Draco–Okay but…

Eye of the DracoEye of the Draco (E.D.F. Chronicles, #3) by Ian Smethurst
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Five years have passed since the great Krenaran war, and humanity have began to rebuild from the devastation wrought upon them. A lone survey ship drops out of plasma drive on the fringes of the far flung Auriga system, searching for potential new colony worlds. As it ventures further in-system, the crew are excited to discover what appears to be an immense alien installation built upon the surface of one of the planets. An installation abandoned for some three hundred years. Abandoned, by whom? And why? The answers to this cosmic mystery will unleash a foe unlike any other, and for Michael Alexander, Nikolai Vargev, and Kathryn Jacobs, something from only their worst nightmares. Are you afraid of the dark?…… will be.

I remember that I liked the previous books in the E.D.F. Chronicles series. I did like this one as well but it didn’t exactly blow my socks off. It’s a reasonably good story. There is bit of mystery at the beginning, quite some (fairly gory actually) action on the ground and some space ships slugging it out. In general it is good stuff.

However, the author really seems to be off on his technology facts. For instance, in one case he mentions that the ship is travel at “plasma factor seven” which, according to him, equates to 7 times the speed of light. At that speed it would take months, even years, to get to the nearest stars. Yet they travel between them in a matter of hours.

Also, four alien prisoners manage not only to escape but to take over an entire battle cruiser by themselves. To further add to the stupidity of it all these aliens do, at once, understand how to run the damned thing. That is just so utterly dumb and then I have not even started to get into details such as why the engineers didn’t shut down the bloody engines since all the aliens where at the bridge. No, they just abandon the ship instead. Dumb !!!

Unfortunately, nonsense like this drags down the book. It got 3 Goodreads stars, it could have gotten 4 if the blunders a’ la cheap TV-show hadn’t been in it.

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