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The Gentle Giants of Ganymede

The Gentle Giants of Ganymede The Gentle Giants of Ganymede (Giants, #2) by James P. Hogan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A wrecked spaceship, which had been there for millennia, and was obviously designed for beings larger than the humans of Earth. The mystery seemed insoluble until another ship, manned by the same humanoid giants arrived, and were very surprised to find humans inhabiting their Solar System. . . .

This book continues where Inherit the Stars left off. However, this time the subject of the research turns up alive and, reasonably, well. Rather remarkable timing for them to return after 25 million years just when the humans starts to investigate their whereabouts but let’s not get picky now. It is Science Fiction after all. The book is still a lot about research and finding out what actually happened 25 million years ago as well as the more recent events 50 000 years ago.

Given that the Ganymedes have returned in person the story is intermixed with a first contact situation and all that comes with it. Sometimes I would say this part, especially the way in which the humans great the aliens and (very) quickly starts to communicate, really chat away actually, is a bit simple and naively written. It’s still a good book but I think the first one had an edge over this one, as is the case many times with the first book in a new story arc and a new fresh plot.

The author had an interesting way of tying together the destinies and evolutions of the two races and their worlds although, again, it became rather obvious where everything was going before it was actually revealed in the book.

What I am wondering now is where the other books in the series are going to venture since the mystery which started in Inherit the Stars is now pretty much solved so a new principal story arc has to be invented.

I’m making a pause with this series now just to get a refreshing “change of scenery”. I have ventured into fantasy land by starting to read John Ringo’s Queen of Wands. I’m quite sure I will come back and finish this book series fairly soon though.

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