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When Ships Mutiny – An interesting & different story

When Ships Mutiny When Ships Mutiny by Doug Farren
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cipher is a vengeance class battleship built to protect human colonies from the Evendi. While trying to find the truth behind an accusation made by one of his fellow ships, he uncovers a dark secret hidden deep inside himself and unknowingly initiates a sequence of events that would affect not only the entire human race, but the Evendi as well.

This is an interesting and a bit different Science Fiction story. When the book blurb talks about ships making mutiny I pictured a slightly different story but thinking about it, it is a fairly logical approach the author have chosen.

It is a quite light read though and perhaps sometimes a bit simplistic. Especially the ending which I would say is somewhat abrupt. I would have liked it to continue to something more conclusive.

Still, I enjoyed the read and I think it is well worth 3 Goodread’s stars.

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