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Gust Front – Better than the previous one

Gust Front Gust Front (The Posleen War, #2) by John Ringo
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is one of the books that I read just because I really want to finish what I have started and since I started the Posleen War series, I wanted to finish it even though I didn’t really enjoy the first book that much. There are very few series that have been so bad that I have decided not to finish them.

Having said that, I did enjoy this book in the series more than the first one. This is probably due to the fact that the ratio of actual fighting and political bullshit is in favor of the fighting in this installment.

The Darhel and their scheming is not at all as much present in this book as in the previous one although they still lurk around and throws sand in the machinery every now and then. Sure enough there’s a fair amount of political nonsense which is preventing the book from getting anything more than 3 Goodread’s stars.

Again, Earth is on the verge of being invaded and the survival of humanity itself is in question and the politicians repeatedly makes strategical decisions based on the perceived impact on the administrations ratings in the next election instead of sound military reasoning. What the f… is that? I think not even the European Union plonkers in Brussels would be that stupid and these people are more disconnected from reality than most.

Luckily the non-political (read combat) parts of the book manages to weigh up the bullshit enough to make it a reasonably enjoyable read. John Ringo is quite good at writing marine combat scenes. As in the first book are a few interesting “hero” characters which spices things up nicely. The author also dives a little bit more into the thinking of the Posleen which opens up some interesting avenues for the following books.

In all I think I might have made a good decision not to ditch this series after the first book.

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