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Ghost Rider–Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost Rider - Spirit of VengeanceGhost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance on Blu-ray
My rating 4 of 10 stars

This is the second movie now that I have watched recently, been looking forward to and been rather disappointed with. Christ what kind of bum did they get to write and/or produce this one.

I really, really liked the first Ghost Rider movie. This one is nowhere near that one. Sure, Nicolas Cage is doing Johnny Blaze again and they even got Christopher Lambert to play an old priest but the movie is just poorly implemented. The Ghost Rider is actually not really appearing that much and when he does, the special effects look cheap and not at all as cool as in the first movie.

It doesn’t help that, when he first appears in the movie, he gets shot down by a simple “human” gun and ends up in hospital. This nonsense about, first trying to hide out in some obscure place a ’la The Hulk (been there done that), and then trying to get rid of his powers and afterwards taking on Satan without them is just ruining the fun. The film totally lacks the spirit of the first one.

As I said, I’m rather disappointed. It’s really a shame that they screwed this one so badly because now we probably won’t get another one even though they made a lame attempt at the end of the film to leave a door open for that.

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