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Underworld: Awakening

Underworld - AwakeningUnderworld: Awakening on Blu-ray
My rating 6 of 10 stars

It’s an okay movie but I do feel a bit disappointed nonetheless. The first two movies in the series where great ones. There’s a three year wait between each of them, including this one, so you would hope that some effort would have gone into writing them.

Unfortunately this is not so for this instalment in the series. It’s a fairly generic run-off-the-mill Hollywood action/horror stunt. The plot could have been written for a TV-movie. It’s unimaginative and predictable standard fare. The bit where the ancient vampire and his coven are hiding in a cave, afraid to take a fight is just sad. Gone are the days of proud vampires.

The film is really saved by its legacy, the fact that the effects are not too bad and that Kate Beckinsale is still starring in the lead role.

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