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Bloody Android, want Windows tablet !

No AndroidArrrggghhhh! Since a bit more than a week corporate email sync on my Android tablet stopped working. I had to switch back to POP for my Hotmail accounts which we all know is just crap. I always use my tablet in the evening in front of the telly and now I do not have proper email sync anymore. That’s just f…..

According to Microsoft Answers it should work with “Any device that properly implements the EAS 2.5 or 14 standard”. Now it could be that Microsoft made an upgrade that broke it but … it works with all my other devices so my guess would be that Google went about implementing their email client in their usual way of developing stuff. That is they hacked together some software that seemed to work and shipped this beta quality junk to the users so when Microsoft made a valid upgrade, their non-standard stuff broke.

Whichever way, my customer experience is that Windows stuff works and Android do not. So despite my current reservations about Windows 8 on desktops, I wish I had a Windows tablet (on which Windows 8 looks like it would be excellent). As soon as they start to come on the market I’m going to grab one.

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