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Slanted Jack

Slanted Jack Slanted Jack (Jon & Lobo, #2)by Mark L. Van Name
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I must say that I felt a bit let down by this book. I found the first one much better in that Jon appeared much more professional and so did the people he associated with. This book revolves around a con-artist and Jon is just either conned or simply walks into one mess after another.

In the previous book the ex-colleague girl is cool. In this book the girl is just dumb and cannot be trusted even though some surprise revelations do come at the end. I also miss that neither Jon’s nano implants nor Lobo’s combat capabilities are really used to any greater degree. Both these elements where much more present in the previous book.

The book is not really bad but it simply didn’t give me as much enjoyment as the previous one.

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