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Microsoft screwing their supporters

Windows Phone 8 SummitAs most people are probably aware by now Microsoft made a presentation of the latest version of their phone operating system, Phone 8, a few days ago. I’m really happy with my current Phone 7 device and cannot find much that I miss so haven’t been following the development of Phone 8 that closely but I was of course somewhat interested.

First, just to get it done, I just want to say that Microsoft Phone 8 looks great. It has the makings of a even better phone OS than Phone 7 and, as I said, I’m already very happy with Phone 7.

However, some useless bean counter has decided that the current phones running Phone 7 will not be upgradable to Phone 8. They will get a last upgrade to Phone 7.8 which will make it look like a Phone 8 but many features will not be included. Worse, apps written for Phone 8 will not work on Phone 7.

Really? What the f… is that? I could understand such a non-upgrade policy if Phone 7 was an old OS version but it’s brand new. Not only are they screwing their core supporters who opted in early but they are also screwing their main partner, Nokia. Only someone totally clueless would want to by a Lumia 900 now and that phone was just released for Christ sake! Since Phone 7.8 will contain the stuff that I care most about, the improved home screen, I doubt that I will miss any of the features reserved for Phone 8 but I would be really annoyed if I wanted an app and could not install it because the developer, understandably, couldn’t be bothered to develop it for both versions of the OS.

I really don’t know what’s going on at Microsoft nowadays. Some moron that’s utterly detached from reality seems to have much too much to say. First they lobotomize the Desktop in Windows 8, release a “release” preview where pretty much all the core apps are useless and now they screw the Microsoft Phone supporters that they had.

As a long time Microsoft supporter I’m getting somewhat unhappy.

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