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Microsoft Surface, looks interesting !

Microsoft SurfaceYesterday, or rather last night in my time zone, Microsoft held a “mystery” press conference where they revealed that they are venturing into the hardware business. More specifically, they presented a Microsoft branded tablet under the name Microsoft Surface.

Now that’s rather interesting I must say. I’ve been hoping that a Windows 8 tablet would replace my Android one once Windows 8 becomes available. I do of course still have some reservations concerning Windows 8 but most of those concerns the lobotomized Desktop. If they clean up their act with those abysmal core apps (email, calendar, photo etc…) that they have in the release preview then Windows 8 with Metro should be excellent on a tablet.

From the news articles I have read so far people that were at the press conference, and got some limited hands on with the hardware, are quite positive, even from the notoriously iCrap friendly media sites.

Microsoft Surface Hands On (photo by Engadget)The specs looks nice as well. Two versions, one ARM one and one Intel based one. The latter cunningly named the “Pro” version. I like that :-). The Intel version comes with a i5 (Ivy Bridge), 10.6 inch 1080p display, 64 or 120 Gb memory and full size USB port, a detachable keyboard (don’t really care about a keyboard on a tablet myself though) and has a pen option (which I do care about). All in a all-magnesium light weight chassis.

The bad news is that the Intel version will not be available until 3 months after the ARM version which in turn will be available at the launch of Windows 8 itself. Well, I’ll wait then. I will be looking forward to the first real reviews from people that have actually gotten their hands on a unit for some real testing.

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