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The Shiva Option

The Shiva Option The Shiva Option (Starfire #4) by David Weber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is another great book in the Starfire series. I’m really happy that I started, or rather continued, to read this series despite the fact that the first book vas only okay and has very little to do with the rest of the series.

This book continues the Alliance’s battle against the alien invaders who got a taste for human flesh and an utter disrespect for individual live, theirs or their enemies. In this book the Alliance have recovered from the initial onslaught and are starting to get the upper hand. As in the previous book, the focus of this book is space ship combat and strategy. There’s a little ground fighting at the end but not really much. As usual, David Weber’s depictions of big fleet battles are simply excellent.

There’s even less politics than in the previous book. The authors blasts the utterly stupid left-wingers on a few pages and there’s the case of a, equally utterly, incompetent fleet admiral appointed by previously mentioned political morons which wastes another few pages but it really feels like side notes rather than parts of the overall plot.

To add some spice a first contact situation with an alien species is introduced. I found this part a wee bit lacking though. Not that what was written was bad but I felt there could be a few more pages. You get to read about the initial contact then there’s nothing for a good chunk of the book and then battle ready aliens jump onto the scene and introduces themselves as new members of the alliance. In my mind there could have been some more material on what went on between these two points in time.

Anyway, this book is just my cup of tea. Excellent read.

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