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Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir DogsReservoir Dogs on Blu-ray
My rating 7 of 10 stars

There’s really not that much to say about this movie. It’s marking the debut of Quentin Tarantino as a director and is simply a classic and cult movie. As most Tarantino movies it’s, well, a bit different as well as fairly violent at times.

It depicts the aftermath of a botched diamond heist but you never see the actual heist itself. There’s some flashbacks to the time before the heist but most of the movie is about the criminals handling the aftermath as they start to suspect one of them have set them up.

As most Tarantino movies it’s very good. It’s a lot of talk with some occasional bursts of violence but despite the fact that large parts of the movie revolves around dialog it never feels slow or boring.

My only gripe when I was watching it yesterday is that I cannot get over the fact that the undercover cop is the same actor as played in the “Lie to Me” TV-series. It was kind of distracting to think about the TV-show every time this guy was in the scene.

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