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The Road

The RoadThe Road on Cine+ Premier on CanalSat
My rating 4 stars of 10

My god what a depressing movie! Make no mistake, the movie is excellent from a cinematic point of view. The acting is very good and the constant gray tone of the images matches the overall atmosphere, which also is very well done, of the movie perfectly.

But it’s so incredibly dark, so depressing. There’s not a glimmer of hope anywhere. Normally I can appreciate a movie by its cinematic qualities but this one…no! There should be some enjoyment factor involved in watching a movie and although it can be argued that this movie deserves a better rating I found no enjoyment in it and I just cannot bring myself to give it more than 4 stars out of 10.

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2 comments on “The Road

  1. I agree with you 100%,there was so much hype over this Movie,from what I am told the book is amazing,cant really say the same about the film,it just goes from one depressing scene to the next.


  2. The book wasn’t exactly a pick-me-up either haha


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