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With the Lightnings

With the Lightnings With the Lightnings (Lt. Leary #1) by David Drake
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

What a load of crap! I’m wondering if I read the same book as those other people giving it 4 and 5 stars. The first third (at least) is downright boring. A good chunk of the book is dedicated to binge drinking, disorderly behavior and vomiting. That includes the “hero”. The rest of the book is not much better. When they are not drinking themselves senseless it’s mostly politics. The behavior of the navy personnel, including the officers, is so utterly non-professional that it’s unbelievable.

There’s a ship in space decorating the cover image. They also talk about “invasion fleet” in the book burb. There’s no fleet action whatsoever in this book. As a matter of fact, there’s almost no ship action at all except for a little show in the very end.

The technology is ridiculous. I should perhaps have become suspicious when I saw that the ship on the cover image had masts and sails like an ordinary ocean clipper. “Sponge space”? What the f…?

I was hoping this could become a new interesting series for me to read but now I don’t think so. I might (try to) read a second one just to see if they get any better but my hopes are not very high any more.

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