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One Jump Ahead

One Jump Ahead One Jump Ahead (Jon & Lobo #1)by Mark L. Van Name
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The burb for this book sounded quite interesting which was why I decided to read it. However, on the first few pages of this book I started to wonder what the f… this was. I certainly wasn’t impressed.

That far in the future almost any electronics device would have an AI, including washing machines, beverage dispenser etc, that I could perhaps live with. That a human, in this case Jon, who was nano-machine enhanced could communicate with them, well okay…maybe. That these machines all had a personality, was chatting away with each other, presented a huge security risk and no one had thought about it because only Jon had bothered to start to talk to these machines, that’s just so incredibly silly.

Fortunately the rest of the book made up for this silliness and when Jon’s old marine buddies starts to get involved not to mention Lobo the PCAV (Predator Class Assault Vehicle) then things starts to become real fun.

If one can overlook the stupid talking to washing machines stuff it’s a quite fun Science Fiction/Adventure read with all the main ingredients, fighting, deceit, an intelligent machine friend that talks back, a good-looking chick (which the hero actually doesn’t get in the end though) etc…

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