Off Course

Off Course Off Course by Doug Farren
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A simple fairly short Sci-Fi story about a spaceship being diverted by a rare natural phenomenon while doing a hyperspace jump, encountering aliens, needs to find a way to get home. This basic story certainly has been told before but despite re-hashing it the book didn’t feel like old news.

Unusually for a Sci-Fi book in my bookshelves there’s no real military aspect in this one with the exception of some historical events forming parts of the background story. The “don’t burn fossil fuel” environmental finger pointers was a bit annoying and the way the uberadvanced 2nd alien race that they meet suddenly see the errors in their ways is a bit overly simplistic but forgivable.

Overall a simple enough, but well done, story making for an easily digestible and entertaining short read.

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