The Hot Gate (Troy Rising #3)

The Hot Gate The Hot Gate by John Ringo
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This one was actually a bit of a disappointment. I almost gave it a 2 star rating. A good chunk (much too much) was devoted to nonsense politics and “cultural differences”, lazy “Latinos” not being able to do proper maintenance even if their lives depended on it, etc. etc.

Luckily those bits where still written in a way that was somewhat interesting to read unlike the extremely boring, never ending, two people dialogs that have become a habit in some of David Weber’s latest works. Also, luckily, the dumbass politicians gets slammed quite badly half way through.

The book felt quite short compared to the other ones. Maybe I just read it a bit faster due to all the political nonsense in it. Sure, it ended up in the usual big badaboom battle at the end which, of course, the humans won. Although here I have another gripe with the book. It tries to portray it as if the humans “lost for the first time”. What kind of rubbish is that? They won! Sure, they took some losses but what the f… would you expect?

Now, the book was still an okay read but given how much I liked the previous book in the series, this one was definitely a disappointment.

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