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Android 4.0 Update … Update

Acer Iconia A500In my previous post about me getting my Android 4.0 update for my Acer Tablet I wrote that it seems to be quite a bit faster but also more stable than previous versions of Android. Not that the latter would be much difficult of course given the (un)stability of Android 3.x.

Well, now that I have used if for a while I can confirm that it is indeed noticeable faster. It also appears more stable although you can still not call it stable. In particular, the browser stills force quits every so often on some sites, for instance the Microsoft Live sites.

I did find out how to remove notifications without having to open them but you seem to only have the option of removing them all in one go now if you have several.

One thing that really pisses me off though is the fact that you, still, cannot set the browser to ask for the full non-mobile version of a site. There’s now a menu item for requesting the desktop version but it doesn’t stick. You have to open the menu and make the request every bloody time you go to the site. That’s just so dumb. The guy(s) making these decisions obviously never use their own product in real life.

Anyway, at least this version is a significant and much needed improvement over the last versions.

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