The Rings of Haven

The Rings of Haven The Rings of Haven by Ryk Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think the main drawback with The Frontiers Saga books is that it is fairly light read. That is not bad in itself, I like it when there’s not too much character building or lengthy background stories, but it means that I finish them quickly which of course shortens the pleasure of reading them.

That said, I really like them so far although I only gave 4 stars to this one (I gave 5 to the first book).

The reason for not getting the full 5 stars is that this one is more planet bound than the other. I prefer when the story revolves around space ships slugging it out and this one also goes a bit more into the realm of manipulation and deceit which I’m not too thrilled about.

Also, I am a bit worried about Aurora falling into the Star Trek: Voyager syndrome. The one where the ship is constantly shot to pieces but in the next episode it’s magically fighting on again. I hope they actually get some solid repairs done in the next book. Not just patchwork.

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