Loaded my eBook collection into Collectorz’ Book Collector

Book CollectorI already, more or less, kept track of my growing book collection on my Goodreads account and I’m using Calibre as my local database tool for my books.

However, although Goodreads is a good site, it’s a bit limited as a database tool and it’s web interface is perhaps not the most elegant set of web pages that one can imagine.

Calibre is a really good local tool. It’s made by book enthusiasts and is excellent at mining book data from all kind of sources. However, it’s really a local tool. That is, there’s no way of uploading the book information to a web page. Yes, there’s a built-in web server in Calibre but then you have to run your own server as well.

Book Collector DetailsI already had, pretty much, the same problem for my Movie Collection and my solution was to use Collectorz’ Movie Collector for it’s web features together with DVD Profiler for it’s strength as a movie enthusiasts tool. This has worked well and since Collectorz also has a Book Collector (as well as photo, game, mp3, comic and music) tool I just decided, well let’s use that then.

So I just spent a couple of days uploading my book collection to Book Collector and then published it to my on-line Book Collector pages. It was a bit more manual work involved than between DVD Profiler and Movie Collector. For the movies both pieces of software have export/import functions that you can use. For the book, it only works partially and you have to go through them one by one and fix up each record with missing information. I’m quite happy with the end result though and now, once it’s done, it’s much less effort to keep both up to date.

Naturally I have changed the My eBook Collection link in the right sidebar to point to the new collection pages. Collector TabsActually, now it doesn’t really matter that much if you click on My eBook Collection or My Movie Collection since they are both and my Collectorz pages and it’s just a matter of choosing the tab you want.

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