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Oh my good we got Muppets…

The Muppets at CERNApparently CERN footage was used for some of the scenes in the new The Muppets movie. Here’s the official story from the CERN Bulletin.

In “The Muppet Movie”, released in November 2011 in North America and world-wide in January and February this year, Kermit is reuniting his friends who have ended up in some far-flung places since they last worked together 10 years ago. CERN caught the imagination of the film-makers as the perfect place for the Muppet scientists, Dr. Honeydew Bunsen and his hapless assistant Beaker. After a brief scene filmed in front of a backdrop of the ATLAS detector, the rest of the film carries on in true Muppet style back in LA where the gang are trying to rescue the famous Muppet theatre from destruction by property developers.

Wonder if that’s why our servers been acting up lately, we got Muppets in them :grin:.

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