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Upgraded my NAS to My Book Live Duo

WD My Book Live DuoI had reached about 75% capacity on my NAS drive and with the size of the RAW-files from my new SLR the usage was going up somewhat faster than before so I replaced it with a higher capacity one yesterday.

I’ve been reasonably happy with my Western Digital Live Book so I stuck to the same brand and got myself a My Book Live Duo as replacement. It’s pretty much the same stuff. As the name suggests it’s a dual drive model. I have configured the drives in a RAID 1 configuration which give’s me total capacity of 2 Terabytes. That should make me last for another couple of years and it gives me fault tolerance against a single drive failure. Also, you can replace the individual drives yourself on this model.

The new unit has a much more capable CPU as well and is DLNA 1.5 compliant. That was my only gripe with the old one, the slow CPU and the DLNA 1.0 only compliance was just a bit sub-standard. It took ages just to get the admin web pages out of it for instance.

Another new feature with the My Book Live models is Western Digitals WD2Go feature using which you can access your drive from anywhere using their WD2Go mobile apps or WD2Go web service. Not sure whether I will actually use it very much though since I normally use Windows Live Mesh and/or SkyDrive if I need to share files between systems and are quite happy with that.

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