Finished Phoenix in Chaos yesterday

Phoenix In ChaosThis was the 6th book I’ve read this month but it was the first one to get a 5 star rating during the month. Obviously I quite liked it. Phoenix in Chaos is the third book in the Exodus series by Robert Stadnik.

The series is all about the adventures of the Phoenix, as space ship built to break the blockade against space travel enforced by the bad guys, the Screen, since decades. I liked the first two books quite a lot. The first one was also a 5 star one and the second one got a 4 star rating.

In all this book is a pleasant light mix of exploration, fighting the baddies and mystery.

Given the name of this installment in the series and the fact that the last book in the series ended with a spy/saboteur roaming around the Phoenix I was worried it book would get bogged down with internal strife and such nonsense. Luckily it wasn’t. Well there was a bit of that but the way the author sorted out the saboteur instigated mutiny was quite too my liking.

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