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Finally OneNote is available for Android

OneNote for AndroidAs you might know from reading my other posts and pages I got an Android Tablet a while ago and I’m not entirely happy with it (buggy, crashing a lot etc…) and am looking forward to Windows 8 tablets materializing.

However, until that happens I’m more or less stuck with the one I have which, in its defense, I have to say that I am using it a lot especially for my book reading. That’s more due to the lack of alternatives (don’t get me started on iCrap) than anything else of course but still…

One thing I have really missed on Android is a usable Microsoft OneNote client. I use OneNote (synched with SkyDrive) all the time for note taking, both at work for my work notes and at home for various things like just memory notes, shopping lists etc. I use SkyDrive synched notebooks of course and it’s just super convenient to be able to type in a note at work when something comes to mind and then you have it available in your home PC or your Phone immediately.

OneNote synced on all my devices, except my Android Tablet. That is, until now. Microsoft just released a OneNote client for Android which I, of course, downloaded ASAP and installed. So far it works as advertised. I typed in my SkyDrive credentials and voila, all my synced notebooks popped up. Great! As with most Android apps the OneNote client is written more for phones than for tablets so the actual functionality, especially for editing, is a bit rudimentary but it’s good enough for my use.

Now I can finally get rid of EverNote that I installed all over the place just so that I could sync notes with the tablet and use OneNote for everything just as it should be.

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