Found Baen Books & the Honor Harrington series

On Basilisk StationIt has been a bit of a bummer since I started to read e-books more actively that a lot of Sci-Fi books that looked interesting simply were not available as e-books on Amazon Kindle. A lot of the times when you saw an interesting review on the web or got a recommendation on Goodreads you were just out of luck when doing a search on Amazon Kindle. One author that I was missing in particular was David Weber and his Honor Harrington series.

Well, luckily, a while ago during a poke-around-on-the-web session, I stumbled over Baen Books and their e-books store. Hello Science Fiction and Fantasy book heaven! Baen Books was founded in 1983 as a distributor for Simon & Schuster specializing in Science Fiction and Fantasy books. They do, of course, carry all the David Weber books and a lot more. A lot of the older books, often the first volumes in a series, are free of charge so you can actually read one volume to see if you like the series or not.

The books are available in all major e-book formats as well. I usually download EPUB and MOBI so I can read it on Aldiko, Adobe Digitial Editions or Kindle as I please. The fact that the books are DRM-free as well doesn’t really hurt. I’m still somewhat miffed about Amazon’s way of screwing Goodreads so I’m not too unhappy about having a second supplier of e-books.

The Short Victorius WarSo far I have read the three first books of the Honor Harrington series and I’m reading the fourth one. Currently there are 12 books in the series with two more coming. The first two ones where free and the third and fourth one I paid for.

I quite like the series so far. It’s quite a bit better than the Kris Longknife one, the latter which people sometimes compare to Honor Harrington. The first two books where 4-stars, the third one was good but not as good as the ones before. There was too little Harrington and too much political nonsense going on.

The fourth one, which I’m currently reading, seems to be quite a bit of a dip down into a lot of political bullshit but from the title that’s not really surprising. Judging from the short descriptions of the ones following the fourth one, they are hopefully going back into the interesting stuff again from the fifth and onwards.

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