Watched Green Lantern yesterday evening

Green LanternNothing really on TV yesterday evening so it was perfectly suited for watching the Green Lantern. Especially since there’s, obviously, no school today so Timothy could sit up late. Since the film is pretty much all about green special effects he, of course, just had to see it.

As is often the case with these films, the film was okay (pretty much saved by it’s special effects) but could have been better. Why the bloody hell do they have to make the hero a wimp for a good chunk of the movie?

Okay, wimp was perhaps an exaggeration but he’s certainly no hero. That part at the beginning where he freezes up and wrecks an F35 was just unnecessary. During a good part of the film he’s running around doubting and claiming the ring was wrong and that he’s no hero. Boring and silly. And for god’s sake stop taking off the bloody ring!

Okay, it was not as bad as some crap, Spiderman 2 springs to mind, but, as I said before, the film was saved by it’s special effects which was good, original and quite cool. All in all an enjoyable evening entertainment.

The picture from the Blu-ray was crisp and sharp (of course) and the 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio was well done. The surround effects were nice with a lot of ambient effects from different directions, without being overdone, and it had a well balanced LFE channel.

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