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Improved on-line pages for my Film Collection

Film ClapAs I mentioned a while ago, when I migrated my film collection to DVD Profiler I wasn’t all that happy with the web facilities that they provided. This is really a shame since the movie management software is far superior than anything else that I have tried so far. Having a functional web version of the collection is quite practical. When you’re in a shop you can look up your collection if you’ve forgotten what you already own or what you put on your whish list. Even at home, when in front of the TV, I normally use my tablet and there I do not have the client software available (it being an Android).

Well, I have pretty much solved that problem.

When I was looking around I, of course, also tried Collectorz, which is the main competitor to DVD Profiler. Collectorz is a quite nice product as well but it’s definitely second to DVD Profiler. The Collectorz user interface is really slow on my PC and, most importantly, it’s on-line database do not seem to have many of the European releases in it and what is there is really shit-full of errors.

My Film CollectionHowever, their web facilities are really good. It looks very nice and you can actually manage your collection using the on-line interface only. Click on a movie and you get a details page. You can sort and filter, get statistics and some other stuff. It also shows your personal rating of the film and your comments which DVD profiler don’t. The drawback is that the on-line version always picks up the film details from their proprietary database but it’s still much better than the web page from DVD Profiler.

My Film Collection - DetailedI found out that Collectorz have a import functionality so you can import you collection from DVD Profiler. I made a few trials and it works really excellent. Everything comes over with all the details you have in DVD profiler. Once you have made the import, you can use the Collectorz web interface to display the collection.

So what I’m doing is using DVD Profiler to manage my collection, exporting the data to Collectorz and uploading it to their server and voila, I have my Film Collection on the web in a nice and usable format (with the Original titles instead of the silly French translations). Naturally I changed the link in the left side bar to point to the Collectorz version of my collection.

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