Låt den rätte komma in…not very good.

Låt den rätta komma inLast weekend we watched Låt den rätte komma in (Let the Right One In in translation), something as unusual as a Swedish vampire film. The film have received very positive reviews and received, or at least been nominated to, a fairly large number of awards.

I have to  say that I do not understand why! It’s a children’s love story with a vampire twist put onto it. The characters are kind of floating around the film in a slow boring and downright depressing way. The supporting actors are just stupid. Not surprisingly the film wasn’t really very scary, although there was one fairly gory scene. My dear wife, who has read the book, wasn’t too impressed either saying the film was shallow compared to the book.

Although I’m Swedish myself I’m tempted to say that this is a typical Swedish film, melancholic, boring, depressing. Well, there are exceptions of course but they are few and far between.

I don’t mind having seen it but it wouldn’t have kept me awake if I hadn’t either.

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