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Switched to DVD Profiler for managing my film collection

DVD ProfilerSince I gave up on SharePoint due to it being pretty much completely screwed up in the last upgrade of the CERN server I obviously had to find alternate solutions for the various lists (collections) that I kept on the site. In particular for my Film Collection which, at 800+ titles, have started to become somewhat considerable.

Actually, I have been thinking on using dedicated software for some time since there are quite some benefits that could be gained from it. After checking out various free, or at least not very expensive, solutions I ended up with DVD Profiler from Invelos software.

This solution has some nice advantages as well as a few shortcomings. It was the one that gave the best overall impression though and, although not 100% free, at 29.99$ it’s about the price of a new high profile Blu-ray release so I went for it.

Add By EAN CodeOne of the main things I like with this solution is that it has a large, continuously updated, community driven database behind it so you automatically get all the facts about your film as soon as you have entered it into your collection. Technical data, cast & crew, cover images, links to sites like IMDb, trailers etc. etc. All you have to do to enter a DVD or Blu-ray in your collection is to enter the EAN code printed on the cover and you’re done.

A drawback is of course that, upcoming releases are often not yet entered into the database and some obscure releases in France & Sweden are also not entered. But then you can enter the data yourself of course so I’m no worse off than I was before. If you add missing data yourself you can contribute it to the community database. In this case your contribution will pass through an approval process before it’s accepted.

Box Set FoldedAnother thing that I like is that it properly handles box sets. You enter the box set as one title and, providing it’s properly defined in the database, it automatically adds the individual titles. The box sets can be displayed folded up, to avoid bloating your display, or unfolded as can been seen from the images to the left (folded) and below (unfolded).

Box Set Unfolded

You can also publish your collection on-line. This is, however, the real bummer with DVD Profiler. You have very few options as to how your collection appears as an HTML page. There are only two themes to select from and none of them very appealing. Most importantly, your personal ratings do not appear and you cannot choose to have your collection displayed by the original title of the film. This is really crap.

There is however an extensive reporting functionality and, using Adobe’s print to PDF functionality I have created some quite nice PDF files of my collection and put it on my public SkyDrive folder. Obviously I will keep these files up to date as the collection expands.

Naturally all the relevant links in the menu bar to the left in this blog have been updated to point to the new places.

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